EasyFill ® 55cm (22") Wall Basket - Black

EasyFill ® 55cm (22") Wall Basket - Black

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EasyFill hanging baskets are a uniquely designed great product.  So easy to use and will make any outside space look spectacular.  Unlike regular wall baskets that use plastic or moss liners, the EasyFill basket have no need for liners allowing the roots of each plant to breathe and ensure enough space to reach their full potential.  The design of the EasyFill basket allows you to plant from the outside in, with the baskets unique construction each plant is passed through pre-formed openings without any root damage, you simply slip a lattice insert in to the opening and this will hold the plant, leaving the roots to mature inside and the leaves and flowers to blossom on the outside.  This also allows for bigger more mature plants to be used for an immediate fuller effect.  Can be used again and again with no rust or colour fading your basket will look fabulous year after year.  Make the most of your outside space with these baskets that will give an immediate visual impact and will blossom and bloom in no time.  Available in green and black.

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