EasyFill-Pro 39cm (15") Hanging Basket - Black X4

EasyFill-Pro 39cm (15") Hanging Basket - Black X4

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Taking hanging baskets to the next level is the Easyfill Pro range of baskets. These uniquely designed products are a great way to make an instant impact to any outdoor space. These baskets do not require any liner and are so easy to use. Recent tests show that planting times are reduced by 80%. Designed with ease in mind, the Easyfill Pro basket can be planted easily using the fold down panels that then clip and lock back in to place. Plants will benefit from the vent holes designed for optimum plant growth and the fold down panels will reduce root damage and can also be filled with bigger more mature plants to give an immediate effect. Less water loss through sidewalls and a large water reservoir in the base gives your plants a better environment to blossom and bloom. Each basket comes with a strong zinc plated chain. Once planted these baskets give a stunning effect. All parts are totally re-usable so can be used year after year.  Available in green and black.

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