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Here you will find many products for all gardens and gardeners. Don’t worry if you are not an expert gardener as all the products have been designed so even the most novice gardener can produce a beautiful outside space every single time.

If you have not bought a product from the Easyfill range before – you will be amazed and we have to ask where have you been !!!!! The Easyfill name has long been trusted by the professionals as the market leader of hanging baskets. This range has now been extended and made available to the public. Be the envy of your neighbours!!!!!

Most of the products from this range have been designed and manufactured in the UK. By buying from us feel confident that you are not only buying from the original Easyfill range but also you are supporting a UK business and all at a fraction of the price you would expect to pay at a garden centre.

Don’t be fooled by more expensive imitations available. Buy British and the best.


How To Plant An Orginal Easyfill Hanging Basket


How To Plant A Easyfill Pro Hanging Basket